2021 Prevention Week Toolkit


How to Access the Tools

We've expanded our 2021 Prevention Week toolkit by adding everything to this new page. Now with custom Alcohol Awareness Month memes and all the favorite items from last year as well. Start by deploying the Alcohol Awareness Toolkit memes to enhance your social media presence.

Alcohol Awareness Month

In addition to the memes, here are op-eds and a letter to legislators for your alcohol awareness month action plans. You can use as-is or edit to promote your community prevention efforts.

A template letter or email to your legislator is HERE.
A template op-ed connecting to dots between opioid use and excessive alcohol use in college students is HERE.
A template op-ed with a medical professional (ER doctor or nurse) on alcohol and ER admissions is HERE.

CPA Testimony - RTD Beverages

HERE is a 2-minute video about the upcoming legislative hearing, at the PA Capitol. CPA submitted written testimony in opposition to the expansion of outlets to sell Ready to Drink beverages (these are the canned cocktails currently sold in the PLCB state stores).

Please consider using one of the following templates to provide education and awareness, to your local decision-makers, about the public health harms associated with the expansion of outlets to sell Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages.

  • HERE is CPA's Op-Ed regarding RTD Beverages.  You can submit as is, or add your logo and name, or edit the document (if you edit, remove the CPA logo and name at end of the document and add your own information). 
  • HERE is the written testimony submitted by CPA in opposition to the expansion of outlets to sell Ready to Drink (RTD) Beverages.
  • HERE is a template you can edit to meet your local needs.

Who Should Use the Toolkit?

There is something for everyone in this 2021 Prevention Week toolkit. Whether you plan to post the memes, print a sign for your video, or utilize a Facebook Frame, this toolkit is here to help you.  From local coalitions to state public health departments and prevention coordinators, these materials have been designed with you in mind.

Most of these files are packaged in Zipped Folders for ease of access. To download these items just click on the buttons below and save them to your computer!

Prevention Week Bingo

How to Enter for a chance to win:
  1. Download the PW Bingo sheet. 
  2. Take pictures and post on social media of the things you are able to participate in/complete, with the hashtag #PWBingo
  3. Mark off at least 5 boxes in a row to submit your bingo card for a chance to win a $20 amazon card
  4. Submit your bingo card by Friday, May 14, using Dropbox: or, email it to

Custom Social Media Memes

To post a meme, simply click to open up and download the full-size images below, and cut and paste the text we have on top of them - or create your own language. Don't forget to use the hashtags, #WeArePrevention, #PreventionHappensHere, #PAPrevention and feel free to tag your own people and organization when you post them!

Just 1 or 2 drinks a day increases a woman's risk of breast cancer and nearly 15% of all female breast cancer deaths are linked to alcohol. 

#AlcoholAwarenessMonth #PAPrevention #WeArePrevention
#PreventionHappens Here

PAYS Data: 38% of 12th graders who drank in the past 30 days reported that someone purchased alcohol for them. Were you one of them?

#AlcoholAwarenessMonth #PAPrevention #WeArePrevention
#PreventionHappens Here

More than half of those who misuse prescription opioids engage in binge drinking. 1 in 5 prescription opioid deaths involve alcohol. States with more alcohol policy safeguards have lower binge drinking rates. 

#AlcoholAwarenessMonth #PAPrevention #WeArePrevention
#PreventionHappens Here

Mixing alcohol and opioids can be lethal. Binge drinkers are 2x as likely to misuse prescription opioids.


 #AlcoholAwarenessMonth #PAPrevention #WeArePrevention
#PreventionHappens Here

1 American dies every 48 minutes because of alcohol-impaired driving. You're less likely to be in a crash involving a drunk driver if you live in a state with more alcohol safeguards. #AlcoholAwarenessMonth #PAPrevention #WeArePrevention
#PreventionHappens Here

20% of 10th and 12th graders reported using marijuana in the past 30 days.


#PAPrevention #WeArePrevention
#PreventionHappens Here

25% of PA students grades sixth - twelfth reported that sometimes they think that life isn't worth living


#PAPrevention #WeArePrevention
#PreventionHappens Here

Youth vaping rates in PA continue to rise for 10th and 12th graders.


#PAPrevention #WeArePrevention
#PreventionHappens Here