2015-16 CPA Board

About CPA

CPA is a member-driven, grassroots organization whose mission is to support prevention professionals in eliminating substance abuse. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

Since 1976, CPA has kept the needs and concerns of the prevention professional and the field of substance abuse prevention as its key focus, and today it continues to be the foremost voice for prevention in Pennsylvania.

History of CPA


CPA is founded by a small group of dedicated and progressive thinking Prevention Specialists. 8 initial members


Organizational structure was developed by creating by-laws, a vision statement and a process for electing a board of directors.


Update Newsletter is created to share information and encourage attendance at professional trainings and support members.


CPA Board begins to have regular monthly meetings in State College at Southridge Motor Inn.


CPA adopted its logo and began co-sponsorship of the Wellness Institute with Wyoming Seminary.


First Prevention Orientation Workshop presented at the Spring Office of Drug and Alcohol (ODAP) Conference.


CPA and Prevention Directors task force worked with consultants from PA Addictions Board to develop Prevention Specialist certification.


Grandfathering process results in 233 Certified Prevention Specialists.


CPA, represented on Drug and Alcohol Services Providers of PA (DASPOP) Board becomes more proactive legislatively.


A CPA Field Issues Forum focused on informing the newly formed PA Student Assistance Program (PASAP) about prevention services.


CPA assists PASAP development by providing CPA’s by-laws and organizational structure.


CPA holds its first independent conference in Lancaster, with support from the Governor’s Drug Policy Council. 242 members


CPA membership increases. Annual conference coordinated and regional meetings and trainings are scheduled.


CPA leads the campaign to generate over 8,000 letters to Senators Arlen Spector and Rick Santorum, which resulted in re-instatement of block grant funding.


Harrisburg Legislative testimony regarding the need to reduce the use of tobacco products. Little funding was designated for prevention.


CPA president joins State Initiative Grant (SIG) Advisory Board. CPA Web site is established to promote communication with the field. 271 members


CPA is represented on Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Programs (BDAP) Prevention Workgroup.


CPA president joins Performance Based Prevention System (PBPS) Workgroup. 265 members


CPA Board creates a Strategic Plan that includes steps to initiate and fund full time staff. CPA Board begins to meet at (smoke free) Hoss’s in State College.


CPA celebrates its 30th anniversary at the Annual Prevention Conference. CPA president joins Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF SIG) Advisory Board. 235 members


CPA Board explores avenues for creating full time staff positions with the creation of budgets and job descriptions at strategic planning session.


CPA begins development of a legislative initiative to bring the importance of prevention work to State lawmakers. 216 members


CPA begins the process of updating and revamping the CPA website. 175 members


Revised Board of Directors to include State-wide Representatives as well as Regional Representatives.


A legislative advocacy breakfast was held at our state Capitol. 192 members


CPA Annual Conference enters the social media age with plenary sessions livestreamed and questions were tweeted. 153 members


CPA membership vote to change bylaws to include "preventing risk-related behaviors". CPA awarded a PCCD SAEDR grant to develop consistent statewide prevention messages regarding opiate abuse


CPA Celebrated our 40th Birthday with a dinner at our annual conference.  Our conference was the largest in our 26 years of offering a conference.

Past Presidents of CPA

Phil Brown 1978-1983
Tom Cesarini 1983-1986
Joe Guardiani 1986-1987
Ellen Wolf 1987-1988
Joe Zbieg 1988-1989
Mary Beth Wolfe 1989-1990
Ken Healy 1990-1991
Patty Karn 1991-1994
Jackie Spaid 1994-1996
Suzanne Ralph 1996-2000
Lenore Rosencrans 2000-2000
Debby Fye 2000-2010
Kathy Muller 2010-2014
Jeff Hanley/Tammy Taylor 2014-2015
Jeff Hanley 2015-2017
Tammy Taylor 2017 - 2021