Leading the Challenge

Prevention Conference

* 30th Annual *

JUNE 9-12, 2020



Each June CPA hosts a conference in State College, PA, to provide professionals the opportunity to network, engage in skill-building workshops, and attend informative lecture sessions on topics relevant to the prevention of substance abuse and risk-related behaviors.

Sessions are organized around themes such as advocacy, evidence-based programs, technology, research, risky behaviors, and current trends. Everyone from new prevention professionals to seasoned veterans will find this event valuable and worthwhile.

Here is a preview of this year's conference!

Pre-Conference Tuesday June 9:

2020 Annual PCCD Grant Meeting- Presented by the EPIS Center

Power, Privilege, and Prevention - Craig Bowman

Plenary & General Session Speakers Include:

Craig Bowman

Craig Zettle

Julie Hynes

Alfgeir Kristjansson

Workshop Speakers Include: 

Meghan Blevins Ted Hoover Kathy Mueller
Craig Bowman Julie Hynes Tim Phillips
Linda Chicka Jordan Joyce Molly Pisciottano
Randy Clark Alicia Kline Devin Reaves
Kathy Collier Ryan Klingingsmith Dr. Perri Rosen
Lee Ann Cook Eric Kocian Steve Schmidt
Kattie Gassner GeoffKolchin Marilyn Stein
Donna George Katherin Koop Irwin Joni Sturgill
Dan Gittens Phyllis Law Melane Swanson
Chris Glover Sarh Lawver Rev. Alice Tondora
Emilie Greiner Tamra McClafferty Ryan West
Cassie Greisen Deborah McCoy Matt Wintersteen
Jeff Hogan Ken Montrose Craig Zettle