29th Annual Commonwealth Prevention Alliance

“Leading the Challenge” Prevention Conference

We are excited that you are joining us for this year’s conference and thrilled to be offering an excellent array of workshops and speakers. We believe there is something for everyone this year, from the seasoned professional to the wide-eyed newbie!

Prior to completing the registration form, please spend some time reading through the 2019 Conference Brochure. The brochure is the only place that you will find descriptions of each workshop and general session. The last several pages will give you details about hotel reservations at the Penn Stater, conference registration fees, scholarship opportunities, special award applications, and options to become an exhibitor, advertiser or sponsor at the conference.

After checking out the brochure and other information under the Conference and Training tab, read the important information below, then click the link to complete your registration.

A bit about the new NeonCRM system

If you have attended our conference in the past five years, or have held a membership with CPA within the past two years, we have imported your contact information from the old RegOnline system into our new Neon CRM data system. Because of this, you will have an account already in our system and you will only need to create a user name and password in order for your account to be active and accessible. We encourage you to log in with your account user name and password any time you want to register for an event, create or renew a membership, volunteer, donate or change your account information.

Ready to register? Begin here!

1.   When you click the “Register for the Conference” button, a popup window will open prompting you to enter your user name and password. If you have your login information, enter it and an abbreviated registration form will appear which is tied to your account. You do not have to enter your personal information because it is tied to the information in your account. Complete the rest of the registration form, pay by credit card or send in your payment, and you are done.

Don’t know your login information? Read on!

2.  If you do not know your login information, or know you have never created login information, enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the popup window to recover your account information.

3.   When you submit your email to recovery your account, you will receive this popup: “Your email has been submitted. If that email address exists in our system, you should receive a recovery information email shortly. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder. If you still don't receive an email, then there is no account associated with the submitted email address.”

4.  If you receive an email in your email or spam, read the email carefully and then click on the first link. If you do not find an email, skip to #9 in these directions.

5.  In the next window to appear, you could have more than one account appear showing an Account Name, Login Name (probably blank) and either the words Individual Constituent User or Organization Constituent User.

6.  The Organization Constituent User means that you are the primary contact of a current or lapsed CPA membership for your organization. The Individual Constituent User is your own personal account which is tied to the organization account. In this case, choose the individual account to use for registration, but if you have other individuals you are registering, use the organization account. For more about organization accounts, please see the information under the Membership tab.

7.  Make your user name and password. Individual logins can be personal, but organization logins should not contain personal names or passwords. Use the organization’s initials and a generic password as you may not be the primary contact for the organization in the future.

8.  Once you are logged in, you will have access to the registration form as described in step #1. Complete your registration by following the prompts. You may register more than one attendee.

Don’t have an account? No problem!

9.  If you’ve found you aren’t an account holder, you can easily form your user name and password during the registration process.

10.  After clicking on the registration link, simply close the popup window by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

11.  Automatically, the new account conference registration form will be shown. You can choose to register as an organization account (particularly if you are considering joining our membership, or you can choose to register as an individual. You can toggle to either form by clicking the Organization or the Individual box in the upper right corner.

12.  Complete the required personal information and make your user name and password when prompted. Complete the registration form, make your conference choices and pay by credit card or choose to pay by mail. Your new account will be formed and you will be able to log back in to your account using your login information.