The 2020 Early Career Preventionist Award Recipient

Katie Taylor
Prevention Specialist
Potter County Drug & Alcohol Program

At the CPA Conference, Katie was recognized as the 2020 Early Career Preventionist Award Winner!  For the past year, Katie displayed a strong commitment to Prevention policies, programs, and practices to make an impact in the community.

Katie was nominated by Colleen Wilber, of the Potter County Drug and Alcohol Program.  Ms. Wilber says of Katie, "The long-term impacts to our prevention system will be profound with the Katie as part of the foundation. She has been involved with our prevention needs assessment since we began working on it over a year and a half ago. Katie understands the seriousness and dangers concerning substance use and abuse and wants to be a part of the change that we can make in the long-term."


"Katie provides prevention services to five school districts in an extremely rural county along with SAP services. She works with the school districts to ensure policy and procedures are adhered to and has conversations with administration when changes are needed."


"Katie was on the county’s prevention needs assessment team and was truly able to provide an understanding of the issues facing our county and what practices need to be implemented to begin to promote healthy behaviors.  One of the best things I have seen out of Katie is her intuition to what is needed to better the practices that had been in place for many years."


"Katie has taken our programming and excelled with it. I truly appreciate her attention to detail and her strong reporting into WITS. Data is only as good as how it is entered and then implemented to make change.  Katie truly was a gem to fill this position and her out of the box thinking to add new programs even though it may mean more time and energy from her to learn and implement."