The 2021 Maggie Marcopul Award Recipient

Ramona Cholak Jenks
Prevention Specialist
Washington County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc. 

At the 2021 CPA  Conference, Ramona was recognized as the recipient of the prestigious Maggie Marcopul Award!  Ramona continues to make significant contributions to the field of prevention through service, leadership, advocacy, and education.

Barb Mundell O'Hara, Prevention Administrative Assistant, at WDAC, nominated Ramona and says, "Education is very important to Ramona. She received an Associate's Degree in 1993 while raising a family and a bachelor’s degree in Social work with a Minor in Visual Arts. Ramona prides herself on being current with information and is continually educating herself and others."


Service & Leadership

Ramona has worked in the prevention field for over 22 years and became a Certified Prevention Specialist in 2006. Due to Ramona’s knowledge of prevention, her peers often come to her for advice and assistance. She is a leader within the school districts and is consulted about youth ATOD use and current drug trends.


Ramona has been an advocate in the prevention field regarding the prevention of substance use and opposition to marijuana legalization. She encourages everyone to have a voice and be an advocate.


COVID restrictions did not limit Ramona in providing programming to her students as she adapted and utilized the virtual platforms designated by her districts. She is passionate about providing education to parents.

Due to public health guidelines, we were not able to celebrate in person this year.  However, you can view Ramona's award presentation and her acceptance speech a the button below (beginning at the 31:48 mark).