CPA CAN is the cutting-edge collegiate leadership program of the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (CPA). It is designed to create opportunities for college students to develop new skills and new ways of engaging their peers around stimulant and opioid misuse prevention and positive mental health across the state of Pennsylvania. The program encourages powerful, thoughtful, and strategic collaboration.

Student Qualifications

CPA CAN applicants should be student leaders who are in a position to bring about strategic change within their school communities.

  • A CPA CAN candidate will usually be a student who has some decision-making authority in a collegiate organization.
  • Some students from smaller schools may have fewer opportunities, but should still be able to demonstrate some measure of previous leadership experience.
  • Candidates should be committed to prevention and to working in a diverse environment.
  • Applicants should be eager to take on broader responsibilities with the goal of leading prevention efforts on their campus.

CPA CAN prioritizes the participation of students of color, women, younger students, and students with untapped leadership potential. Priority will be given to students in their first three years of college, as well as first generation students. Applicants must be currently enrolled students at an accredited PA college or university.

Participant Expectations

  • Engage in experiences designed around their interests and PA’s opioid and stimulant misuse prevention and mental health needs;
  • Help create messages to be used on your campus by utilizing PA's PaStart and PaStop campaigns;
  • Expand the way prevention is defined and addressed on college campuses;
  • Fully explore problems, proposing bold solutions with achievable implementation strategies;
  • Develop and implement a signature project to champion—one that spurs others into action;
  • Regularly share ideas and outputs with CPA’s Executive Director; and
  • Advocate for resources, decision-making, and action to implement effective prevention in PA.
  • Participants can expect to participate 3-5 hours per month from January to May 2023.

Benefits of Participation

  • Support Your Work — CPA is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in CPA CAN. All participants will receive a $500 honorarium.
  • Experience Excellence in Every Encounter
  • Understand Your Personal Leadership Style
  • Build Enduring High-Trust Relationships
  • Find More Meaning in Your Work
  • Challenge Your Status Quo