When you become a Commonwealth Prevention Alliance member, you’re joining more than an association. You’re joining a statewide collaborative whose primary purpose is to support prevention professionals. CPA provides leadership, professional development, advocacy and collaboration with others who are in the field of drug and alcohol and risk related behavior prevention. The organization is dedicated to improving the effectiveness, stability and image of prevention.

As a Commonwealth Prevention Alliance member, you will receive access to regional workshops, advocacy alerts, prevention updates, and discounts on CPA’s annual conference.

Memberships are available to organizations with as few as one member to those with 16 or more members.

Membership Type

Collegiate Student Membership
Individual or 1 Member Organization*
2 Member Organization
3 to 5 Member Organization
6 to 10 Member Organization
11 to 15 Member Organization
16 or more Member Organization



Number of Sub-Members Included

3 to 5
6 to 10
11 to 15
16 or more

*Student and one member organizations will need to provide an organization name when registering even if that single member is not represented by an organization. You may want to use your initials or something other than your name so you can differentiate between your organization account and your individual account.

Membership Registration

Memberships are composed of two accounts:

· Organization/Company Account – This account must be created for the sole purpose of obtaining membership(s) and receiving membership benefits. All membership renewals must be made from this account.

· Individual/Sub-member Accounts – The purpose of these accounts is to register for conference and training events, upload documents, committee activities, give donations, etc. Please note: No changes in membership status or renewals can be made from these accounts.

Each individual and/or organization must identify a primary contact. The primary contact will manage all aspects of the organization account including:

»completing membership process
» receiving renewal notices
» making payments
» adding and removing sub-members if necessary

The primary contact can be anyone within an organization who does not need the member benefits or a supervisor or staff person who wishes to receive benefits such as discounted conference registration rates. If the primary contact wants to receive the benefits of membership, they should also register as a sub-member.

Sub-members are those individuals associated with the membership who receive member benefits. All sub-members will have an individual account. Please note: no changes can be made to the organization account from a sub-member account.

Step-by-step Instruction is provided by clicking the following links:

· About CPA Membership
· Establishing New Organization Memberships
· Renewing Organization Memberships
· Adding and Removing Sub-member(s) to an Existing Organization Membership
· Changing a Primary Contact
· Current Membership Listing
· Membership Brochure

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