1. Strengthen collegiate prevention efforts and support collegiate prevention professionals throughout Pennsylvania.
  2. Communicate relevancy of CPA to PA collegiate prevention professionals.
  3. Strengthen relationships between colleges and universities and their local community and K-12 prevention organizations.

Job Description and Duties:

  1. Attend monthly committee meetings
  2. Prepare a committee report to be presented at every board meeting.
  3. Prepare and submit a yearly budget to the finance committee.
  4. Maintain record of monthly meetings and activities including agendas and minutes.
  5. Market CPA to PA college prevention professionals and actively recruit members.
  6. Secure collegiate-relevant workshops and speakers for inclusion in annual conference
  7. Recruit collegiate professionals to attend CPA annual conference
  8. Provide relevant collegiate advocacy and education to CPA members
  9. Prepare an annual budget and present it at the January CPA Board meeting.
  10. Link colleges and universities with local prevention organizations toward collaborations.


Chair:  Donna George
Tammy Taylor Beth Neveux
Kelly Burke Mary Beth Wolfe
Mary Paladino Gina Riordan
Elizabeth Eckley Winder Jeff Hanley
Marsha Pigga Laura Suits
Dan Gittins Jess Kuwar