Provide premier annual drug & alcohol prevention specific conference.

Job Description and Duties:

1. Schedule, plan and facilitate conference planning yearly before end of August

a. Develop conference structure

b. Define workshops

c. Identify speakers

d. Identify CPA members to initiate contact with speakers

2. Select and contract with a conference planner

3. Select a venue and contract with conference facility

4. Assist conference planner with technical details; ensure timeline is followed

5. Identify those responsible to manage conference registration process via our constituent relationship management (CRM) software

6. Prepare an annual budget to be presented at the January CPA Board meeting

7. Provide monthly report to the board


If you have any questions about the conference committee or would like to participate, please contact Kelly at:

Conference Coordinator: Lindsay Price, Temple Harrisburg

Conference Consultant: Linda Chicka

*All CPA BOD members will assist with Conference Committee