The PPCAW is a collaborative group of prevention professionals that recognizes the importance of using effective prevention practices and enhancing coalition development.

PPCAW understands that widespread variability amongst coalitions with varying missions and visions can lead to much confusion for state, county, and local decision makers.


PPCAW supports growth and sustainability of coalitions that utilize effective practices by promoting:

  1. Education
  2. Advocacy
  3. Collaboration

Job Description and Duties:

  1. Participate in bi-monthly committee meetings/conference calls.
  2. Prepare a committee report to be presented at every board meeting.
  3. Manage Coalition of the year Award for CPA conference.
  4. Maintain record of monthly meetings and activities including agendas and minutes.
  5. Market CPA to PA coalition prevention professionals and actively recruit members
  6. Secure coalition-relevant workshops and speakers for inclusion in annual conference
Chair: Kathy Collier 
Kelly Brown Alice Yoder
Kathy Peffer Debbie Moskovitz
Laura Leskovac Deb Shaffer
Tammy Taylor Melissa Tomasik
Erica Usher Nancy Hanula